Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stock up Your Stash with a Party!

The fastest way to add free products to your private storeroom stash of scrapbooking supplies is to throw a party!  Hosting a gathering is easy - just find a place, invite your friends, and throw together a quick snack.  I take care of the rest.  You can even host the party at my house, or as a Face Book event.  If the event is in person, you can choose from one of four double layouts, which all guest will be able to complete while at your event, at no charge.  I offer a hostess gift, a door prize drawing and a small free gift for everyone who orders. 
How much you get free depends on the size of your gathering.
$150 party = $25 free
$250 party = $40 free, plus one item at half price (even the Cricut cartridges!)
$350 party = $60 free, plus one item at half price.
All it takes to quality for your free items is five to eight ordering guests, even if the orders are small.  The gathering is 1-2 hours, and when is totally up to you!  Contact me for more information or to set up your party, have fun and get free stuff!


  1. SO, how far will you travel to do a party? LOL

    1. All the way to Cairo, with enough planning time! LOL.