Friday, March 10, 2017

Dreamin' Big kit

Back with more Dreamin' Big kit.  I love the colorful sequins in the kit.  They are smaller than our other sequins and come in green, rose gold, white and dark gray.  They are sticky backed and only $4!

This is another layout from the instructions in the kit.  It's basically just two borders at the top (one is zip strips) and one border at the bottom.  The instructions show you how to create two blocks of photos, one on either side of the layout.  It adds a few additional pieces of paper and PLM cards. My photos, for which the colors went well and the explore-dream-discover strip suited the theme of sightseeing, they didn't fit into the designated photo wells.  So I chunked that part of the instructions and went with what did work!  On the left, it's a 2X6 inch photo that serves as my title (as I completely forgot to do anything else for one!).  the next column is a 4X3 PLM card on top and a 4X4 photo on bottom.  Next column is a 4X6 on top and two 2X2's below that.  On the right side, those are 4X4 and 6X4's.  I flipped the flower paper to be bugs (cause I like the bugs!) and added some flowers from the compliment packs - much as the instructions call for.  If  you got 'em, use 'em!


  1. I really like the blocks of photos...thank you for the inspiration.