Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Great deals on clearance items!

The special of the month of March is 25% of thin cuts, but Close to My Heart always has a sale going on.  You can find it in the clearance section of my online site.  Order on line and for $5 have it all shipped directly to your home!  Clearance items must be ordered online; they cannot be added to club or gathering orders.
I am placing an order through this site on Friday.  If you live close and would like to reduce the shipping from $5 to $1 (and come pick up from my house or day job), please send me your order by Thursday, March 9.  My tax rates will apply.
Clearance items are no items longer available in the regular catalogs.  But they come at great prices!  Here are a few samples:
Our Story PML cards - $3
4 embossing folders - $10.75

Ruby D Ring album - $17.50

Zoe Compliments - $1.75
Quantities are while supplies last!

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    you know we love a sale!