Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hunting for a Candle

I love these candles I get from the Limestone Flea Market.

Not only do they smell good, they are only $20 for 5.  I dressed this one up with the Huntington kit.

On the lid, I just used a sticker from the Huntington Stickease Assortment.

For the pumpkins, I used orange paper from the Buzz and Bumble kit and the Art Booking Cartridge.  If you set the real dial size for this layered piece (page 73) your top and bottom don't match up.  So I ran it without the real dial size, at 9", 8", 7" and 6".  You can see the separate pieces in the top left of this picture.

I did the same thing with the leaves on page 72, with the different printed paper in the Huntington pack, and red barn cardstock for all the backs.  I threw in a few leaves from the Brown and Tan glitter pack - the lightest color.  I glued the fronts to the back with Bonding Memories glue.  I made a lot, not knowing what I would need, and had plenty to play with.

I just taped the big pumpkin down with a strip of tape in the middle, then tucked the leaves in and taped a side down as I got happy with the positions.

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