Thursday, September 5, 2013

Great Mojo

Ever have those days where you just can't get started on scrapping?  Or everything you work on just doesn't turn out like it thought it would?  I have those days.  And then, I have days when the mojo just flows and the work turns into art work.

I love these Huntington pages.  They incorporate leftovers from the fall candle I decorated.  The leaf background is what was left from a barn red page after I cut all the backs out for my leaves.  I carried over the theme on the next page with 3 more cutouts from another page of barn red cardstock.  That's the cutout (overlay) on top a duo paper from the Huntington kit.  I just pieced the background from scraps on the right side, beneath the 3 cutouts (not a full sheet). 

left page

right page

A few tricks on these pages.  In the above (right page) the giant colonial white leaf in between the pages will be used for journaling or a date.  I liked the natural hemp addition.  I made a little bow with 3 loops on either side and then tied it close with another piece.

Then I folded the bow in half, put a dot of liquid glass on the knot and tucked it under the edge of  the mat and pumpkin.  The pumpkin is popped up with cardboard (further notes on cardboard below).

You can grab and recycle a cardboard box.  Cut a piece quite a bit smaller than the mat you are using.  Tape the cardboard to the back of the mat, then tape it down to your page.  It gives depth to your picture, and allows you to tuck embellishments under the edge, so they peek out.


  1. Lovely layout, Huntington is one of my favorites. Your tutorial on the fiber bow was great, I will have to try that for sure. thank you for joining us at H2H.

  2. Love your layouts and your helpful tips. Thanks for sharing!