Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Price is Right Club

The 2016 Price is Right Club will be starting up February 1st. If you love CTMH and don't like to throw parties, this might be for you.  It is a commitment club, with rewards.

    ~You agree up to spend $25 each month, February through November (10 months, $250 total commitment).
    ~One of these months, you will be the hostess, with $40 worth of select product rewards and one half price item.
    ~When you are hostess, you still need to make your $25 purchase.
    ~The $40 worth of free products cannot be applied to your $25 purchase or your half price item.
    ~You may sign up for as many $25 slots as you like.  For each slot, you will be hostess in one month.  That's why it's the Price is Right Club - sign up for the price that is right for your needs.

If you are unsure about a long term commitment, but like the idea of free stuff, the host a gathering!  These parties are fun, and your rewards are not limited to $40! 

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