Friday, July 7, 2017

Let's Party!

Convention is the best place to get new ideas and be really inspired.  With all the things I picked up there this past week, I'd like to tell you about what I'll be doing differently in my business.
Close to My Heart is the "Let me show you how" company of scrapbooking.  I always have been and will always be available to help you with your scrapbooks or any questions you have about our products.  If you doubt me - give me a call and find out for yourself!
I offer five things -
Parties - book a party and earn FREE stuff!  I come to you, it takes about an hour and you & your friends can see what great products we have.  I encourage you to invite your friends who don't scrap (yet) and introduce Close to My Heart to them.  After all - it's a party, the more the merrier!
Crops - I hold an open crop one Saturday a month for a cost of $5.  Bring your own supplies, the stuff you bought at a party or any project you are working on and get it completed.  The crops are from 10AM until 10PM or anytime in between that works for you.  And if you have made a purchase at a party, you can get the crop for free!
Workshops - these are held on special dates.  They are announced here on the blog and on Facebook.  For each workshop, you will know exactly what you are making and how much it costs, usually between $10 and $25.  The Bells & Whistles days fall into this category.  You need to RSVP for these events, to make sure a kit is ready and waiting for your arrival.
Retreats - I offer two retreats a year, at The Scrapbook Playhouse in Guntersville.  One is in February, the other is in June.  There are only 7 openings at each retreat, and the cost is $125 for 4 days and 3 nights. 
Consulting - there are 3 reasons to become a consultant - to get your products at a discount, to get your products free, and to earn some money. Achieving the different levels are based upon the amount of time you put into the business. If I do say so myself, I am a very good up line and will help you be successful in the business, no matter your reason.  Plus, as a consultant, you can attend convention with me for your own inspiration!
The biggest change is that I have offered workshops at parties in the past, but in the future I will be separating the two things.  Parties will show a small, quick make and take, and be short in nature.  Workshops will be held on separate days and are 2-4 hours long.  Like me on Facebook (Decorating Days), be my friend (Dawn Cortner) for personal invitations to events, or subscribe to the blog emails to see when the workshops are.
Happy Scrapping!

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  1. I love Scrap, Crop, Workshops parties! Lets do this!!!! :)