Friday, April 14, 2017

Tip of the month - A working album

When you purchase a post bound album and pages from me, I will load the pages for you and provide the spacers to make your album complete.  The number of pages in an album vary depending on your scrapbook style.  The albums will hold a maximum of 50 pages.  This high number will work just fine if your completed pages are flat - not a lot of foam tape or bulky embellishments.
I like the foam tape and bulky embellishments, so I like 35 pages in my book.

Maybe you are a chronological scrap booker, or your book is for a particular event, such as a long vacation.  You might not be sure how many pages need to be in your book.  Using a D ring binder as temporary storage until you finish your book is a great way to work. You can flip and move pages easily, and load the right number of pages into your post bound album the first time!
Any D ring binder will make a working album.  Close to My Heart has 3 styles on sale in the clearance section for $17.50.  Ruby Floral, Cocoa Damask, and black.

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  1. I have started using the D ring for my albums and they work Great :) I love that you will load all the pages in the albums for us...Thank you! Good Sale...I need to get one. hehe