Monday, October 24, 2016

Scrapbooking Retreat

I host two retreats during the year.  The first is the Fundamentals retreat in February, Feb. 9-12 in 2017.  The second is the Put it on a Page retreat in June, Jun 1-4 in 2017.  I have one opening for February and five openings for June.

The retreats are held at The Scrapbook Playhouse in Guntersville.  Cost is $110, plus one meal.  We each provide one meal for all 8 scrappers, then enjoy someone else cooking the others. You will also need to bring your own drinks.  Snacks and snacks to share are optional.

The Scrapbook Playhouse is unique in their Swap Room.  If you need something, or just like something there, you can swap something from your stash for something in their stash.

You have access to a Cricut, multiple cartridges, stamps, punches, a computer with printer and internet. You will need to bring your own Cricut mat.

You can reserve your spot at a retreat by making a deposit of $35.  The balance of $75 is due 45 days before the retreat.

For more details on The Scrapbook Playhouse, you can check out my blog (look for the Scrapbooking Retreat tab) or Google their site.


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  1. I hope I can come back one day to a retreat...such a wonderful time and got so much needed scrapbooking done.