Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Upcycle your commercial Christmas cards into gift tags.  It's super easy with the Cricut to cut your shapes for you. I found a 3" tag works best.  Place your cards on your mat -

Use your arrow keys to set the cutter on the next card.  Just a few practice cards, and you'll know where you need to start to cut exactly what you want. The Christmas scenes are great - all 4 tags from one card!
Then I tie a little twine or embroidery thread in the top, stamp the back with a to: and from: and a little decorative stamp - all loaded on one block so it's a single stamp.
On these I used the to: fr: of the Christmas Post stamp set and the holly and ribbon from the Noel stamp set.
It took a single evening to upcycle all my cards, but I have enough tags for this Christmas and a few to share!


  1. Great use of Christmas Cards...no waste! I have all mine up cycled - hehe :)

  2. They are much prettier than the store bought ones too!