Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sew Easy Halloween decoration

Sewing cards and scrapbook pages is easy if you have a sewing machine.  I used the machine to make this mobile as well.  The images are cut from the Art Booking cartridge

I used Quoth the Raven to decorate my plain Sunset cardstock.

Sew your bottom bat on upside down - my last one wanted to flip, because there was no weight on the end.
Lay your bats (or spiders or owls) out on the floor in a pattern you like before sewing.
Space the thread between bats at different lengths.
I used a thick piece of Styrofoam I had in the garage to keep the paper off the door and let the bats float. (You can 'cut' Styrofoam with dental floss, in a sawing motion.)  This I attached to the door with the pull off sticky tabs for hanging posters and such.  A small box would work as well.

1 comment:

  1. So Cute!
    I love the homemade decorations - another Bang for our Buck! he-he-he!
    However, I won't be doing this craft as I sold you my sewing machine - LOL :)