Thursday, February 27, 2014

Diamond Dolls

My lovely daughter, Hurricane, pictured many times in these blogs, has joined her high school's Diamond Dolls.  The girls man the concession stand at the baseball games and give snacks to the players.  This mama had to get involved and decorate the bags to put the snacks in.

The first one is an 8" background cut from the Artbooking cartridge.

The second one is cut from Base Camp cartridge (because I wanted a shadow font) and then the new hostess stamp set My Hero B1448. (Yeah, it's a plane not a jet, but close enough.)
Two things I want to say about this post - First - I think it's really cute when mom who blogs, gives her kids nicknames in order to protect their identity.  So, I'm going to refer to my daughter as Hurricane, mostly because I just love that nick name.  We don't use it so much now that she is older, but as a child when she walked through a room, it was like anything loose whirled and fell on the floor behind her.  She was such a mess maker!
Second - you know how your workspace gets cluttered with all the things you are working on.  Hurricane walked by, saw these:
 and asked (shocked) those aren't for their bags are they?  Just too funny - she knows I'll embellish anything!

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