Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cubby Workshop July 18

If you didn't order a cubby for the workshop on the 18th, you can still make your own at home.  You will need the cubby, 13 sheets of cardstock, one pretty D&T, liquid glass, the Artiste cartridge (page 80, 2.5").
Cut your 25 cubby boxes out of the Artiste cartridge.  Trim your choice of D&T paper into 2 3/8 inch squares (you will have to trim 3/16 inch off the final strip to keep all  your squares the same size).

 Keep your squares in the right order, or else your cubby will become a puzzle box, or you might glue your squares on upside down, depending on your pattern.  With bonding memories glue, attach your pretty square to the dipped side of each square before you build them (it's easier to attach at this stage).  A tip I learned at Convention - grab an old magazine and use it as the paper behind your cardstock to keep from getting glue on your table.  When you finish with one, just flip the page and you have a clean slate to do the next one.  No glue on the back!

 After gluing the pretty square on, trim the dip to match the cardstock.

I then folded the box, flattening with the bone folder.  Before gluing, I stamped the inside of the box, just for some added interest.

Then glue all the tabs on the inside of the box, and make sure all leaks are dry before inserting in your cubby.  Embellish as desired! This set is for my friend, to hold small embellishment or starter ideas for when she gets stuck or has trouble getting started.

Note:  The workshop on the 18th includes, cubby, adhesives, cardstock for the boxes and a pretty sheet of D&T for your box.  Decorate with your own embellishments!

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