Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March Bells & Whistles, Head of the Class

As much as I try to schedule things far in advance so that everyone else can make plans, sometimes things come up to interfere.  My Bells and Whistles class is one of these.  The plan was for these classes to take place the last Friday evening of every month.  Well, February's got cancelled and I'm going to have to move March's to March 10th, 7pm-9pm.  I hope, that things calm down in the future, and I can go back to our regularly scheduled program.  Thank you for being patient in the meantime. 

Bells & Whistles class are by RSVP only.  If you don't tell me you are coming, I won't make up the kit.  Love the kit, but can't make the class?  RSVP and tell me you'll pick it up, and I'll stamp the set for you during class.  You can assemble it at  your convenience. 

March's Bells & Whistle Class if a school days page.  Ever have one of those certificate awards?  This is the page to display it!  It's designed to hold one certificate, one horizontal 4X6, one 3X3 and one wallet school photo.  The certificate area can be modified to hold a class photo instead.  Art work is another option.
I wanted to include some ribbons the school issued, and used the space for the 4X6 to display these.  There are lots of options in this layout to include memorabilia you want to preserve - just bring it with you when you come.

The Bells & Whistle workshop is $10.

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  1. I want one please! Its a great school layout! I just love it!