Monday, June 27, 2016

July Mystery Hostess

Hello everyone out in Blogland!

I am on a streak of vacations - I just can't seem to stay put!  Between convention, Hubby's 50th birthday, and Hurricane moving out (and all that involves), my time is a little on the sparse side this July.

I'm holding an online Mystery Hostess gathering.  There is nothing more to it, than placing an order through my online business address (OBA), click here to go straight to it!  Just make sure you join the July Mystery Hostess gathering.

For every $5 you spend, I will put your name on a ticket.  Winning ticket wins the entire hostess credits!  I have $117.15 worth of orders already, so just another $32.85 puts some lucky woman in the position of winning $25 worth of free products!  This could easily grow into $40, $60, $80 or even $100!

The July Mystery Hostess party will end on July 25.  On the morning of July 26, I will draw a ticket and contact the winner, for their wish list!  Keep an eye on the Facebook page, if you would like to see how the party total and your potential hostess credits grows!  And thank you for your order!

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  1. :) :) :) Fun! Exciting! Keeping fingers Crossed! HEHEHE :)