Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Friendship Box

These cute little boxes are from the Artiste cartridge, page 40
     5", 3D Object, 0 for the base
     5", 3D Object, Shift, 0 (cut 2) for the top and bottom

Tips - crease all folds before taping.  Tape the two edges of the top and bottom, then fold around one of the flaps.  Tape the base to the middle piece for sturdiness and looks.  You can get two boxes from two sheets of paper.  Cut the two middle sections from one piece.  Cut two of the lids from another sheet, leaving the zip strip on the paper.  After cutting the first set of two, remove the paper from the mat, turn so the unused piece is lined up at the top and cut the second two pieces.  The cuts will take a small piece of the zip strip, but it will fold in and be unnoticeable in your finished product. Stamp before taping together.

I used the following items on this project. 

Treasured Friendship stamp set
Seaside paper pack
Chocolate ink
Desert Sand ink
Foam tape
Teal shimmer trim
Clear sparkles assortment
Surf's up assortment (available only online, in while supplies last)
Vogue alphabet (retiring at the end of August)


  1. Beautiful box and I especially love the embellishments. They are just perfect!