Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rainbows and Sunshine

Well, I couldn't resist trying out my own suggestion from yesterday.  And don't you know I love rainbows and glitter!

Every once in a while I do a page of random photos I've collected. If you are catching up with older photos, you can adjust the size of the sunshines. I started by trying out different sizes on a spare white page - the kind that comes in the photo albums but is really too thin to use.  It's great for making sample templates.

They kind of look like gears here!

Then I laid the templates on top of my photos to see which size I wanted to use; 5.5" worked best for mine. Use the center piece from your cutout to mark the back of your photo, then trim a bit wider than the circle.  It doesn't have to be super straight because the edges are hidden behind the sun. 

I used a variety of colored paper from a variety of CTMH kits. To keep it rainbow-y, I went with ROY G BIV on the color layout.  Again, I've cropped a photo for a cohesive look between the pages. That's white daisy ink (paint) in the corners, with the August 2012 SOTM. 

**When using daisy or colonial, keep in mind its a thick pigmented ink, and acts like paint.  You want to dab your stamp til it's covered, not press hard on the ink pad.  It's thick and you can loose some of your smaller details, so test your stamp choices before you ink your final product. 

The cloud is also from the Artiste cartridge, page 70.  This one is 5.5inches and I used it for my journaling space too.  I used the large Chocolate alphabet for the title and a Milepost shape '&' sign, covered in red glitter glue with a few more glitter colors thrown in.  A little (okay maybe a lot) of stickles around the edges of the cloud and some pink, green and blue gems on the corner details to finish out my colorful theme.

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